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Artisan Keycaps

Our products begin as a concept art of 3D models and turn... 

Looking for artisan keycaps? Do3Dimension do custom commissions. Artisan keyboard commissions. Custom artisan keycaps for mechanical keyboards. We comebine 3D printing technology and hand crafting to make artisan keycaps.

The details matter

Artisan keycaps are unique art pieces made using various materials and techniques such as hand-sculpting, 3D printing, resin, clay, and metal.

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We believe in simple, timeless, and sustainable design

  • Exclusive

    Do3Dimension's artisan creations showcase the distinct personalities and talents of their creators.

  • Individual

    The combination of quality, design, and individual taste that brings pleasure and distinction to this hobby, not just the materials and methods used.

  • Superior

    Only premium materials are utilized to guarantee our keycaps and figures not only look fantastic, but also withstand the test of time.

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3D printing in STEM education

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