What is Lithophane?

What is Lithophane?


What is lithophane?

In Greek, litho means "stone" and phainen means "cause to appear"​. Using eco-friendly material, today we can re-create any photographs into lithophanes with 3D printing technology. By combining an vintage art and modern technology, 3D printed lithophane blends the past and present while bringing depth and sophistication to your photos.


How we make lithophane?

First we take a photograph as the starting point. The thickness of the 3D lithophane relies on the lightness and darkness of the image, which determine how much light can pass through. As a result, a highly-detailed picture comes alive when light strikes through from behind. Check out the video here. Lithophanes often have a vintage black and white color when backlit. However, you can make them colorized when placing a colored photograph behind them.






Working with us

Our purpose is to celebrate what is one of a kind through the lithophane we create. Our unique lithophane gifts offer countless ways to affirm friendships, support friends and family, celebrate successes, and honor spirituality. After all, there is no better prove of appreciation than giving someone a unique gift that truly represent what they are passionate about.


From our home studio in Johns Creek, Georgia, we ship to customers around the world. A portion of your purchase is donated to non-profit organizations, so your gift goes both to your loved ones and the community. We are committed to supporting 10% off to non-profit organizations that face financial challenges.

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