We are a US-based team, serving the 3D printing, keyboards, and hobby game industry. We make artisan keycaps and accessories for mechanical keyboard connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Other than artisan keycaps and figures, we also design, develop and manufacture custom products from start to finish, tailored to the needs and preferences of individuals and small enterprises. Our best-action technology is personalized service, which helps clients feel more valued and inspire greater brand loyalty.

Our mission is to celebrate what is one-of-a-kind through the products we create, which provide countless opportunities to affirm friendships, connect friends and family, celebrate successes, and honor spirituality.

If you want a personalized gift that you couldn't find it anywhere in this universe, we can help to turn your idea into a real gift. Or if you are a business owner who want to have a 3D printed product in your shop, message us for inquiries!

  • Mixed medium: hand-crafting, hand-painting, and 3D printing technology 

Watch a brief video of how we make your artisan keycaps. 

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Khoa designs new products and troubleshoot machine equipment while Musa ensures smooth running of business operations. We are a 2-person operation and we appreciate your support and patience.

From our home studio in Georgia, US we ship to customers around the world. A portion of your purchase is donated to non-profit organizations, so your gift goes both to your loved ones and the community. We are committed to supporting 10% off for non-profit organizations that face financial challenges.