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Artisan Keycap Commissions (Discreet)

Artisan Keycap Commissions (Discreet)

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If you want to request custom order keycap, please message us first before placing your order for this listing. 

NOTICE! **The lead time right now is: 5-6 weeks after placing this order. After that, processing time is 3-4 weeks. We will update you if there is an early open spot and work status. Due to changes in post office management, USPS deliveries are running slow. Expect delays.

🌎 Product Details
- Exclusive custom keycap prices start at $100 and may vary based on complexity of design and material. Standard = You allow us to sell the commissioned keycap to the public in the future. Exclusive = Your keycap is unique only for you and will not be not available to the public. 
- Due to the tight schedule, we only accept commissions for certain video games, movies, anime, pets, and pop culture. Please message us to discuss further.
- For Cherry MX switch and clones. Not sure about your keyboard type? Message us.
- The keycap will come either unpainted or painted based on your option
- The keycap may only fit ESC key or function keys
- If you choose to add an artisan keycap case, we will design a case that fit your keycap. 

🌎 Types
Standard = You allow us to sell the commissioned keycap to the public. This option is not available if you want a keycap/ keycap set that match a specific colorway.
- Exclusive = Your keycap is unique only for you and will not be not available to the public. 
Discreet = nudity, NSFW general, pin-ups. Keycap made will be posted, unless specifically requested not to.

🌎 Artisan Keycap Case Add-on 
- SPECIAL: our artisan keycap case is not released for public yet, pre-accessed is only when you order our commission works.
- The videos are examples of a cherry blossom 9-slot-case and pet pawn 4-slot-case. Keycaps are not included in the case. 
- 3x3 case: have 9 built-in switches for each slot
- 2x2: have 4 built-in switches for each slot

🌎 Packaging includes
- 1 3D printed ID card. ID series will start with C as in Commission. You can choose the name of the ID card.
- 1 2x2 or 3x3 Artisan Keycap Case (choose the option below). 1-slot artisan case is included in all commissions. 

- Surprised Freebies

🌎 Material
- All of our keycaps are 3D printed and hand painted so there may be lines, patterns, or other imperfections that do not affect its functionality. We would love to ask you to tolerate any reasonable differences.

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