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Bobaties Keycap (Physical DIY Bobaties Kit)

Bobaties Keycap (Physical DIY Bobaties Kit)

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Trick or Treat! Boba or Cutie! 

If you want us to print the models for you, continue checking out with this listing. If you want to print the models by yourself, CLICK HERE instead.

Non-commercial use, please!

🌎 Product Details
- 2 physical primered and unpainted keycaps of Boba and Cutie
- Cherry MX switches compatible
- 1 5mm gabachon (for Boba's eye)

🌎 Please notice:
- The keycaps will come primered and ready-to-paint.
- For Boba 3D models, you may wonder why the eyes are missing? That's because after we finish painting him, we will use a 5mm gabachon for his eyes to achieve a desired look for his lovely dovey eye. 5mm gabachon is included in this kit. 
- Photos are not the products we will send you, they only serve as the reference of the products after you paint.

🌎 Material
- All of our keycaps are 3D printed and hand painted so there may be lines, patterns, or other imperfections that do not affect its functionality. We would love to ask you to tolerate any reasonable differences.

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